The Extinction of Parking Lots

The Extinction of Parking Lots
The conventional wisdom at the time was that the iPhone was an attempt at disrupting the phone industry. 


As an example, Uber, the $60 Billion transportation disruptor, wouldn’t have existed without iPhones. 

Investors who see these second order consequences coming around the bend usually win big. So let’s unpack a bit of a thought experiment, shall we?

What if all vehicles go autonomous? What if Uber pivots to a full-subscription model, whereby for a flat fee you push a button on your phone, a driverless car picks you up, and takes you to wherever you want to go twice as fast as before. What ELSE will happen? 

Parking lots, parking structures, gas stations, home garages, car lots, busses, bus stations, and ALL city parking spaces will become obsolete. 

What if that happens?

The cost of real estate in the cities will plunge overnight. 

What if that happens?

It will be easier to start local businesses. 

What if that happens?

There will be more competition from local creators. 

What if that happens?

Needless to say, this rabbit hole is deep, and moreover, is only one of the many we could have explored.

Point? The second and third order consequences of societal-shifting technologies will create new, exciting problems to solve. And the solutions to those problems will be big business. 

It’s one thing to see a trend coming. It’s another entirely to see the trends that that trend will create. 

Stay Strong, 

Tai Lopez
President, Schweitzer Alexander

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