JCPenny & Their life-changing Selfie Studios

JCPenny & Their life-changing Selfie Stu...
I just came across some interesting news...

JCPenny just missed a $12M debt repayment, closed all of its stores indefinitely, and is therefore contemplating filing for bankruptcy. 

Which btw doesn’t really surprise me…

Their CEOs “big idea” to save the company this year was to add:
Barber Shops, Cafes, Selfie Studios, Kids Play Areas…

Raise your hand if you’re going to JCPenny because now they have… barber shops?


It’s like they’re in an ever-drying pond, but instead of growing legs they’re trying to hop into another smaller, also-drying pond. 

At this point they are quickly becoming a satirical caricature of themselves…

Question: “JCPenny… traditional retail is dying. What’s your plan?”
Response: “We got this. We’ll be fine. We’re adding… selfie-studios!” 

So, anyways, I think the big opportunity here is pretty obvious...

Massive brands are going to die because they don’t know what they’re doing: instead of going full e-commerce they’re digging their heels into the sand. 

So either you need to short their stock, take them over yourself, or invest in companies that ARE taking them over. 

Not rocket science. 

Alex Mehr Ph.D. 
President, Schweitzer Alexander
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