E-commerce will make you millions

E-commerce will make you millions
First rule of business is: know the data. 

So here’s what’s really happening…

For all the doom and gloom in the news about the economy, the data shows that (at least) for ecommerce… there’s a lot to be excited about. 

Month over month these sectors are growing FAST:

Baby products, food & beverage, beauty & personal health, apparel, electronics, toys & games, and sports & fitness. 

This is why I don’t trust feelings. 
I look at data and ask myself: “What is this telling me?”

And it’s telling me… people are still buying online (a lot).

If I were you I’d get a shopify store up as fast as you can. 
Get your feet wet. 
No better time than now. 

My e-commerce brands are doing just as well as they did during Black Friday during a global pandemic.

I think recessions can be catalysts for making fortunes.

The goldmine is online. Got a nice rhyme to it too..

As I predicted, I see a serious sales spike in industries that sell what people now consider to be the “essentials”. Healthcare and FMCG products.

But even if you sell retail, I suggest you focus on getting your brand on a platform NOW.

It’s getting easier by the day.

Facebook and Google ads are cheaper.

E-commerce service providers are extending free trials.

This is trending now, but I’ve been doing this for years.

Only a safe player won’t seize this opportunity.

And to be honest, safe players shouldn’t be a part of the game of money anyways.

Buffet said it already. It’s time to get greedy.

All you need are the right tools and I know exactly what they are.

I’m swooping in. You should too.
Schweitzer Alexander
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