CVS vs. Silicon Valley

CVS vs. Silicon Valley
The future of healthcare is a high-stakes mystery to solve. For our collective health, of course, but investors are also asking this $7+ trillion question:

Who will win the race to complete vertical integration? 

The software developers, the hospitals, or the pharmacies themselves?

It’s a war out there. 

In 2018, VCs invested $10 Billion into “Virtual Healthcare” software in an attempt to make both pharmacies and hospitals veritably obsolete. In this case: you take your medical tests at home, talk to a doctor on a video chat re: your results, and then your meds are sent in the mail. 

CVS just completed a $69 Billion merger Aetna (insurance) to open up 1,500 “HealthHubs” at their in-store locations. In this case: your CVS branded insurance will get you access to CVS hospitals, where you then conveniently pick up your prescriptions while there. 

These are opposite ends of the spectrum. And there are millions of in-between scenarios. 

Though no matter HOW, modern healthcare WILL change. It’s inevitable. There are too many inefficiencies. 

Either way, the result will be good for consumers…

High-Stakes + Competition = Innovation = Superior Products. 

We’ll keep you updated as the war rages on. 

Stay Strong,
Tai Lopez
President, Schweitzer Alexander

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