Buy Low, Sell High later

Buy Low, Sell High later
You may be scared the market is going to go down.
I actually don’t think so…
I think stocks will rally to everyone’s surprise…

But even if they don’t...

Remember: no matter how bad it looks:
Recession = Opportunity.

BUT… this time the easy way may not be the right way. 

Sure, I park some money in long-term dividend-yielding ETFs, but that’s not my master plan. 

European and Japanese markets peaked decades ago, for example.
Sure, your money will probably be “fine” but personally I’m not betting the house on the economy rebounding with any serious gusto. 
We may be flat for a while. 

So instead what I’m doing is pretty simple...

I’m investing in the obvious opportunity…. which is buying famous distressed brands. 

Because the crazy thing is… it takes decades to build up the brand recognition of a company like Forever 21 (which was on our shopping list earlier this year)... but it only takes one crash for them to fall apart.

So that’s where I’m swooping in.

I’m going to bid on (nearly) every high-profile brand this year that can’t keep their shirt... and after the dust settles… I’ll have a collection of household names under my portfolio. 

Alex Mehr Ph.D. 
CEO, Schweitzer Alexander
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